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Donnie Braun & Sons Auto Repair Inc
ph: (573)635-5258
fax: (573)634-6245
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    About Donnie Braun & Sons Auto Repair Inc.


Donnie opened the doors of his shop in the 60's working at night. After lots of late night working he finally decided to give it whirl as his full time job. When Steve grew older he started working in the garage as well. He later then started working part-time with us. Gary by then was older and working. At this time there were Donnie, Gary, Steve and two other tecnicians working for us. When we moved in 1989 Alan started full time. Now the children run the shop so Donnie can farm, fish and hunt. However they still make him work a lot.


Donnie and Dee Lynne Braun are the founders of the auto repair shop. Their three sons Steve, Gary and Alan now run the day-to-day operations. The boys run the business with pride knowing they are keeping the dreams and vision alive that Donnie and DeeLynne worked hard to achieve for so long.

Gary Braun: ASE Certified Technician & AMI Accredited Service Manager

Alan Braun: ASE Advanced Diagnostics L1 with Master and Customer Service Certified Automobile Technician. AMI Accredited Service Manager. Service Advisor and Diagnostic Technician.

David Schulte: ASE Advanced Diagnostics L1 with Master Certified Automobile Technician, Shop forman

Justin Harvey: Master Certified Automobile Technician

Jeff Siebert: Automotive Technician

Justin Braun: Automotive Technician


Car Care Tip of the day

Hose out the fender wells when you wash your car to keep moisture-holding dirt from building up in crevices and causing corrosion.

Certifications &

ASA Member  ASE Automatic Transmission and Transaxle 
iATN  Factory Authorized Service Center
State License Inspection
State Safety Inspection